Monday, December 29, 2008

A time for everything...

Well, my good friend Danielle started a blog and she thought that I should too. Soooo here I am! I hope that I don't bore anyone to bad or anything, but I guess if you really don't like it that much you just don't have to come look at what is going on in my life : ]

I'm home on Christmas break right now, and it has been great! I always love coming home to see my family and friends! Since I live in Nashville that doesn't always happen as often as I like it to, but Christmas break is longer soooo I have had lots of time at home and I LOVE it! The days after Christmas are always consumed with basketball. Lots and lots of basketball. Our high school here in town hosts a holiday tournament every year and it was a great time! It also helps that my brother plays for our team, and I also LOVE to watch him play basketball. Or any other sport. He definitely got all of the athletic genes in our family because I got zero of them. Anyways, it was kind of depressing because we lost tonight so instead of playing the championship, we will be playing for 3rd place. Which, in my house is not good. haha. Wednesday morning I will be leaving for Florida and I'm sooo excited about that! One of my best friends Ashlee is getting married and I'm a bridesmaid in the wedding! And, I get to go to Disney World and I have never been so I'm also very excited about that! I will blog more about that later, I hope. I will leave you with some pictures of my Christmas break, I will post more of my family later. Those pics haven't been uploaded yet
Me and Kyle at Winter Jam!

Me and Danielle had a photo shoot with Kyle!


All the girls at the 3rd annual Wingo Christmas Party in our Christmas wear!

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