Monday, February 16, 2009

eco-friendly & friends.

I have been so bad about blogging! yikes! Life just doesn't slow down that is for sure! But I'd rather it be busy, than have nothing to do. Anyways not to much has been going on lately except for class and work! That is pretty much what I do all the time. this past weekend I did get a chance to slowdown. On Saturday, my school had a basketball game which we won so that was fun, and then I went to some of my friends apartment for dinner and then we played Mario Cart on the Wii and it was sooooo fun! I remember playing the older one when i was younger but I was just terrible on the Wii but it was still lots of fun. After that we went out to Kayla's house which is about 30 minutes from school and we stayed the night and it was fun to get away from campus and just have a good time.

Saturday was Valentine's Day, and my grandma sent me the cutest necklace ever! Whenever I was at home visiting a few weeks ago, I guess I mentioned that I try not to use plastic bags anymore, only eco-friendly canvas ones. I'm not going green, I'm just doing what I can to help out.. haha well anyways she found this cute necklace that is made of eco-friendly materials and I guess she thought I should have it : ] My grandma is the best! I thought it was neat though. Here is a picture of it! And some pictures from this weekend. I hope you enjoy them, and you have a great day : ]


  1. Like I said, you aren't being eco-friendly, this is just another excuse for you to have more cute bags to carry! lol

  2. Ah! I love your grandma! That necklace is so cute.