Monday, January 26, 2009

Out of my Comfort Zone

As you know I am going to New York in March on a missions trip with my school and we have meetings every so often just to make sure we are all on the same page and just to get to know each other better and hang out! Well, on Saturday night we had one of those meetings and what the leader of trip called a "field experience". Now some people might think what we did was a little dangerous and maybe it was but we were in groups of 4 or 5 so I think we were fine. But While we are in New York we are going to be working with different organizations that deal with homeless people. Now homeless people are everywhere. Including Nashville. You don't have to go very far to find them. So, on Saturday my team and I went to McDonalds and each one of us bought a cheeseburger. The point was to find someone to give it to that needed it and tell them who we were and try and share our faith with them even just a little bit if we could. So we all headed downtown to find a homeless person to give it to. Now this was kind of hard for me and I'm not going to lie it made me a little uncomfortable. But, after awhile it was fine. They were all very talkative. They really just wanted someone to talk to. It was sooooo cold on Saturday too! It was 1o degrees outside and these people have to sleep outside in it with hardly anything! It broke my heart. A lot of the people that we talked to did talk about their faith which is very interesting to me. I am so blessed and I have no idea how I would be if I had everything taken away from me and I had to live on the streets. It just made me really really sad for them and made me feel very selfish. I have soooooo many things that I do NOT need at all! Giving them something as small as a cheeseburger totally made them so happy, and it was just amazing hearing them talk. But it was a very good experience all in all..

Now backtracking to friday night I went iceskating for the first time ever! It was so much fun! After I got off work I met up with some friends and we went to the Cenntenial Sports Plex! It was so much fun! Now I didn't fall the whole time which I was pretty proud of myself for that, but I still was not to great at it! But it was really fun for sure. Here are some pics from our fun night!


  1. Oh you are so cute! I would be scared to give a homeless person a cheeseburger too, but I am glad you decided to be brave. You will have so much fun in New York! We skated at that same rink a few times too. Johnny stinks at skating though because of his bad knees, so it wasn't much fun!! :)

  2. Oh Val, I am so glad that were able to do that! I am sure it was a very uncomfortable situation, but you got passed it! You are going to do wonderfully in NYC.

    PS: I stink at ice skating, too.