Monday, January 19, 2009


Well on Friday I turned 21. This is just sooo crazy to me. It's like you really are an adult! oh my! But I must admitt it was a pretty great birthday. On Friday we went out to eat for my birthday and it was sort of a suprise because I had to work that night but they put it all together while I was gone and then when I got back we all went! What made it even better was that we went to one of my favorite restaurants in town, Demo's! It is so good, I love it! it was lots of fun and then after that me and two other girls went to Wal-Mart to get supplies to make shirts for our boys basketball game! Which leads me to the next part of my adventorous birthday weekend!

On Saturday me and four of my friends from school went on a sort of mini road trip! Well this year our basketball team is doing pretty good I must say, and they are really fun to watch! So, they had a game on Saturday afternoon so we thought it would be fun to go and suprise them, because normally they don't have a ton of fans at the away games.. anyways it was at Crown College which is about 3 hours away! What a great trip and great game! We ended up winning by 4 and it was so exciting! That night when we got back we ended up going to one of our friends house and she cooked us some wonderful Mexican food : ] mmmm it was so good!

To top the weekend off my family came to NASHVILLE on Sunday afternoon/evening! It was sooo good to see them! and we had so much fun, which we always do when we are together! Well they got here at like 3:30ish in the afternoon and we went and ate at the Gaingus Grill.. idk how to really spell it but anyways it was soo good! It is a really cool restaurant. They have it set up and they have all of this raw meat, vegtables, seasonings, sauces and everything you else to make stir fry and you get as much as you can in the bowl they give you and you can put whatever your heart desires in it and then they cook it in front of you!! It was great! Then we went to the church that I attend here in Nashville, and then for dessert we went to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY! And talk about good, oh my. We all got a different kind so we could all taste each others : ] I got Chocolate Raspberry truffle! so good! I almost forgot to say what I got for my birthday from my family! And, I don't know how! I got an iPOD!!!!!! I was so so so so suprised! Sometime right after Christmas I had mentioned to my mom that I hadnever thought I would ever use an iPod but I said now I think if I had one I really would. and guess what! I have one now! Its so cute too! haha.. its pink : ] Its a nano.. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it all the way but I'm loving it. I did download one c.d to put on there as a birthday present to myself. It's Priscilla Ahn's "A Good Day". She is my new favorite singer I think! Her voice is so beautiful and her music just makes me relax and puts me in a good mood! But what a great birthday I had! I am so blessed with all of the many wonderful people that I have in my life, I couldn't ask for better friends and family. They really do mean the world to me and I hope that they know that : ] Here are some pics from my birthday weekend! Let me just explain why there is a quote on the picture below.. well when we were taking the pic Kendall said "I just started smiling my freshman year".. haha he was referring to the fact that he used to never ever show his teeth when we would smile until his freshman year.. it was funny to us so jen made this cute picture on picnik with it! It made me laugh a lot! ENJOY!

Kendall, Jenn, and me at the cheesecake factory : ]

Tiff, me, and KB at the flames game!

My new iPod : ]

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  1. VAL! Sounds like you had a g-r-e-a-t birthday!! Did you know that I emailed Demo's and asked for their Greek Chicken Spaghetti recipe???? I sure hope they send it to me! :)